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How Big Is Your God?

What if blessings flowed to us on a continuous basis from the Throne of God to our hands?  What if the reason we are not seeing them is not on God’s side but ours?  What if we were blocking our own blessings?   Think about that for a moment.

I propose that we stop the flow of blessings through worrying, by meditating on the problem rather than how big our God is.

Zechariah (chapter 4) saw golden pipes in Heaven in a vision.  From the golden pipes flowed golden oil.  A representation of blessings.  Blessings are flowing from Heaven to Earth like water through a hose, but when we worry, we clamp down on the golden pipes, restricting the flow of blessings from moving through.

What is worry?  We see the problem as bigger than God.  We see God as David, and our problem as Goliath (I Samuel 17), looming over us to kill us.  We meditate on how big our problem is, trying to find a solution.   We go over and over it again and again in our mind, thinking this is going to be the time that our limited brains come up with the solution.

We are like Peter.  We are walking on the water.  At least we stepped out of the boat, right?  Then we feel the wind.  We hear the thunder rolling.  We see lightning out of the corner of our eye.  Maybe a drop falls on our arm (Matthew 12:22-33).

What if it turn into one of those massive storms?  What if it rips apart the boat?   Will we survive?

We look down.  What am I doing?  Walking on water?

Maybe our loving Jesus warned Peter by saying, “Simon Peter, focus on Me.”

When our eyes focus on our circumstances instead of God, like Peter, we sink.

God is always there, though, offering us His hand to pull us out of the storm.  He saves us as He did Peter.  All we have to do is trust Him.

Let’s keep our eyes on God.  Let’s magnify God in our situation by meditating on His promises and who He is.   Rehearse what He has done for us in the past.  What He has done before, He can and will do again.

Make God bigger than your problems.  When you do, you will see His miraculous power change your circumstances.


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