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What Do You Tell Yourself?

What do you say to yourself about your current situation?  Maybe you are struggling financially.  Perhaps you are single.  Maybe you see all your friends as successful, and you, in your opinion, are not.  What is it that you tell yourself?

Do you tell yourself that this is it?  That things will never change? That things will always be this way?  Or do you tell yourself that this too shall pass?  That things will get better?  That your best days are ahead?

What we tell ourselves is very important.  It shapes what we think, what we believe and how we live.

If we tell ourselves that we are nobody, that things are never going to change, everything we do–from the way we walk and interact with others to the choices we make–will reflect that belief.

If we believe, however, that we are special, that we are unique, that we were put on this planet to fulfill a purpose, then our mannerisms, our speech and our actions will mirror that belief.

What we believe is going to happen in our lives, so we need to control what we believe.  Are we going to believe that we are beautiful just the way we are, that we have gifts and talents that will bring light to this dark world, that we are enough just the way we are–faults and all?  Or are we going to believe that nothing will ever change, that there is too much wrong with us, that no one would ever want us?

Choose today what you will believe because that is what is going to happen in your life.  Believe good.  Get good.  Believe bad.  Get bad.   The choice is yours.

#BelieveGood #YouAreEnough #WhatDoYouBelieve

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