What Is Your Experience?

I went to a concert on Tuesday.  Four old-school groups in one concert.  I loved being in a room with such high energy.  We were on our feet, singing along and dancing to the music.  Music that we listened to on the radio when we were kids, that played at the roller rink and at our dances.  Music that brought back fond memories of simpler times.

I attended the concert for the last act. I realized quickly that his new music had taken a decidedly darker turn. Songs that are so against what I stand for and what I believe.

I know this man’s music. I have heard his earlier song about talking to God, and now…these anti-God lyrics?

Music gives us a false sense of intimacy with the artist, so when I heard the new music, it disturbed me. The music is still great, but the lyrics…

What causes a person to totally be against God like that? What do they have to be going through? What did they go through to believe God doesn’t care about them?

I get it to some extent. If you look at the world, with people dying all over the globe, people living in poverty and going hungry, it does seem like the cruelest thing God could have done was give human beings free will.

I even have days where I wonder where God is and why He has not intervening in my life, but I quickly get over it because I have experienced God.  I know better. God has save  my life countless times. God has healed me multiple times as well.

But my experience is not others’ experience. Each of our  journeys is unique.  I cannot make people believe as I do. I can only present my testimonies of what God has done for me.  I can only pray, then leave the rest to God.

When we encounter people in our lives, we need to be compassionate, knowing that they are going through something. Instead of doing battle with them, we need to take them before God in our war room. Then let God fight the battle.

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What Do You Tell Yourself?

What do you say to yourself about your current situation?  Maybe you are struggling financially.  Perhaps you are single.  Maybe you see all your friends as successful, and you, in your opinion, are not.  What is it that you tell yourself?

Do you tell yourself that this is it?  That things will never change? That things will always be this way?  Or do you tell yourself that this too shall pass?  That things will get better?  That your best days are ahead?

What we tell ourselves is very important.  It shapes what we think, what we believe and how we live.

If we tell ourselves that we are nobody, that things are never going to change, everything we do–from the way we walk and interact with others to the choices we make–will reflect that belief.

If we believe, however, that we are special, that we are unique, that we were put on this planet to fulfill a purpose, then our mannerisms, our speech and our actions will mirror that belief.

What we believe is going to happen in our lives, so we need to control what we believe.  Are we going to believe that we are beautiful just the way we are, that we have gifts and talents that will bring light to this dark world, that we are enough just the way we are–faults and all?  Or are we going to believe that nothing will ever change, that there is too much wrong with us, that no one would ever want us?

Choose today what you will believe because that is what is going to happen in your life.  Believe good.  Get good.  Believe bad.  Get bad.   The choice is yours.

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Who Is The Focus?

Sometimes I forget that people, even people ministering in the pulpit, do not grasp the core of the Gospel.

Every Monday, while working in my cubicle, I listen to Sunday’s sermon from my old church. This particular week they had a guest speaker. The minister did great until about ten minutes from the end. He made the Gospel and the message of the Cross all about us and not Christ.

Literally I sat in my cubicle praying for him. Under my breath, of course.

No part of the Gospel is about us. Christ died for our sins (II Corinthians 5:21). He is the One who delivers us from our addictions. He is the One who causes everything to work out for us (Romans 8:28). Without Him, we can do nothing (John 15:5).

For the most part, we are taught that we have to sin less. We have to overcome those habits, those addictions. What happens when we focus on sinning? WE sin all the more.

Instead we need to focus our attention on where we want to go. Racecar drivers are told when they are about to crash not to look at the wall but to focus on where they want to go. The car will automatically move in the direction of their focus.

Same goes for us. Whatever we focus on is the direction our lives will take. If we focus on sin, we will sin more. If we focus on Christ and what He has done for us, like saving us (John 3:16), healing us (Romans 8:11), protecting us (Psalm 91) and providing for us (Philippians 4:19), then we will become the people He created us to be.

What are you going to give your attention today?

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Are You Settling?

As human beings, we tend to look at what we don’t have rather than what we do. We focus on how much money we don’t have, the spouse we haven’t met yet, the children we haven’t conceived yet, the job we hate.

We make it an all or nothing proposition. We think that if we haven’t received it by now that God just doesn’t want us to have it, that we will never have it.

God is all about timing. Not ours but His. He sees the Beginning from the End. He knows why the men you have been dating are not His best for you. He knows why you didn’t get that job.

Many times we are settling for less than God’s best for us. God wants to send us the best, like He did when He sent His Son to die for our sins (II Corinthians 5:21). Instead we settle. We settle for a mediocre existence. We settle for Ms. Right-Now. We settle for a life far from what God has for us because we don’t want to wait.

We have been waiting, but we can’t wait a minute longer. We decide to help God out like Sarai did when she sent Abram in to lay with her handmaiden Hagar (Genesis 16:2). This is where we run into trouble.

To this day, the descendants of the son conceived by Hagar and the ones of the promised child Isaac are still fighting.

When we try to help God out, we add drama to our lives that would not have been there otherwise.

We need to focus our attention on God, our Provider (Philippians 4:19), God, the Source of all that we need When we do, we find ourselves at the right place at the right time to receive the miracles God has for us.

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