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What Do You Have?


With every birthday that passes, we tend to focus on what we don’t have in our lives, those dreams that we have not fulfilled yet.

It is fine to re-adjust our goals or set new ones that we intend to meet, but we cannot allow ourselves to see only what we don’t have.

Instead we need to focus on what we do have. Maybe you have a spouse and kids that love you. Perhaps you have a wonderful career that you enjoy. Maybe you have a job that is tolerable and pays the bills while you pursue your real passion. Perhaps your co-workers have become your friends.

We have to take stock of where we are now. What do we have that we can be grateful for? Can we walk? Talk? Are we mobile? Do we have people who love us? Do we have a roof over our head? Food on our tables?

Too many times we focus on what we don’t have. We focus on what we want to accomplish, which is a good thing, but we have to learn to be grateful, to be content, with what we do have.

Whatever we focus on is going to happen in our lives, so if we focus on all the love in our lives, then love will multiply.

Look around you. What can you be grateful for today?

#goals #love #focus #gratitude

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