“God said to Moses, ‘I AM who I AM.’ And he said, ‘Say this to the people of Israel, I AM has sent me to you’” (Exodus 3:14).

My patience with stupidity and lack of common sense is skating on thin ice. There are so many times that I just can’t. I just can’t deal with another person who has no common sense or who I have to explain something to five times only for them to ask me about it again.

When I can’t, I have to rely on God. Rely on His patience, His Ability, His Provision.

There are so many times in our lives when things look bleak, when things look like they cannot get any worse, and then somehow do. There are so many times when we just can’t.

We can’t move the mountains ourselves. We can’t stand the situation one more day. We can’t get up, can’t get out of bed, without a struggle.

Those are the times when we have to rely on God’s Strength. We have to rely on God to do what we cannot.

What can’t you do? What can’t you face? Remember that God is the Great I Am. He is whatever you need. He is your Strength. He is your Patience. He is your Provision.

Whatever you need Him to be in your life today, say “Thank You, Lord, that You are my ________.” And watch Him come through for you.

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What Do You Have?


With every birthday that passes, we tend to focus on what we don’t have in our lives, those dreams that we have not fulfilled yet.

It is fine to re-adjust our goals or set new ones that we intend to meet, but we cannot allow ourselves to see only what we don’t have.

Instead we need to focus on what we do have. Maybe you have a spouse and kids that love you. Perhaps you have a wonderful career that you enjoy. Maybe you have a job that is tolerable and pays the bills while you pursue your real passion. Perhaps your co-workers have become your friends.

We have to take stock of where we are now. What do we have that we can be grateful for? Can we walk? Talk? Are we mobile? Do we have people who love us? Do we have a roof over our head? Food on our tables?

Too many times we focus on what we don’t have. We focus on what we want to accomplish, which is a good thing, but we have to learn to be grateful, to be content, with what we do have.

Whatever we focus on is going to happen in our lives, so if we focus on all the love in our lives, then love will multiply.

Look around you. What can you be grateful for today?

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Closing The Door?

Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 3:13-14

“Yesterday’s a closing door. You don’t live there anymore. Say goodbye to where you’ve been. And tell your heart to beat again.” – Tell Your Heart To Beat Again (Danny Gokey).

As I am nearing my birthday, I have been thinking about my life, been thinking about people and situations that didn’t work out.

This is the time of year that I reflect and create new goals for the upcoming year. Only my mind kept going back to people, to places, in my past. Things that I cannot change. We have to close the door on the past. If those people are supposed to be in our lives, God will send them back. If those situations need to be revisited, God will cause that to happen.

We have trust that those people, those situations, are in the past for a reason…at least for now. God knows what is best for us. God knows what would happen down the road. God knows better than we do. He sees farther than we do.

We cannot move forward with our foot stuck in the past. We cannot move forward because we are wearing the ball and chain of the past.

No matter what happened in the past, if you are still breathing, God has a plan, a purpose, for your life (Jeremiah 29:11), but, in order to fulfill it, you must move forward.

The past has passed. There is nothing we can do to change it, alter it, in anyway. It is done. Completed. We cannot never go back.

Instead we have to focus on now. What are we going to choose to do now to change our future? What are we going to do differently so that we don’t make the same mistakes? We cannot change the past. We can, however, alter our future by the decisions we make today.

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Accept The Challenge?

“Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” – Psalm 46:10 (NIV)

I am not a still person. Even when I am watching television, I am working on my computer. I am adding photos to my online store, or I am reading articles on how to make more sales.

When I am at work, I am listening to audiobooks or podcasts. I am never still. Even when I am asleep, I move all over the bed.

In Psalm 46:10, though, God tells us to be still. Be still. Cease from work. There is a time for work. There is a time to be still. When we have done all we know to do, then we need to stand (Ephesians 6:13). We need to rest, knowing that God is control, and He will turn our situations around for our good (Romans 8:28).

Too many times we will continue on the course that we have been on, struggling with the same problems we have been dealing with for years. We do the same thing, expecting different results. That is the definition of insanity.

Let’s do something different. Let’s get still. Go out to the lake. Go outside in the backyard. Go inside your closet. Anywhere that is your safe place, that place of serene and calm for you. Then sit, quiet your mind and listen.

Keep doing this for at least five minutes every day. It will become easier as you practice it, but do it consistently. Keep a notebook nearby. The more you do this, the more solutions will come to you.

I challenge you to do this with me for thirty days. When we are done, we will share our results below.