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What Do You Believe?

Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? – Isaiah 53:1

Some of the greatest minds of our time believe that God doesn’t exist, that the stories of the Bible are simply fairy tales.

In science, we create a hypothesis and prove or disprove that theory.

Do I believe in God on belief alone? No. Then why do I have an unshakeable knowing that God exists? Am I just comforting myself with fairy tales? No. I have my own proof.

From what I am told, my entrance into this world was a tad dramatic. My mother experienced pre-eclampsia during her pregnancy and suffered convulsions on the delivery table.

The doctor, a general practitioner not a OB/GYN, came out to the waiting room, white in the face, not sure if we would live. My father called the church and put us on the prayer chain. That’s when things turned around, and we both survived.

That could have been coincidental if I didn’t drink too much water when I was twenty-two that wiped out my electrolytes. This caused me not to be able to see or walk. My brain stopped sending signals to the rest of my body, and I went into a comatose-like state. If we hadn’t been able to get me into the hospital right away and my mother hasn’t been praying, I would have died.

Then one night my mother’s boyfriend drove her and I to dinner when I heard God in my spirit tell me to pray. I did, and. not a minute later, a car slammed into a utility pole right behind us.

I have countless stories like this. I have countless more of me applying the Word to a situation, and it miraculously changing. Specifically how many times I have been protected since I started praying the 91st Psalm every morning.

I have experienced the power of God so many times from a cyst behind my neck disappearing to panic attacks being healed. I cannot believe that God does not exist. I have too much experience that says otherwise.

I believe that those who say God does not exist haven’t experienced Him.

Have you? Whose report do you believe? The report of the world? Or God’s?

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