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Enjoying The Detour?

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, And He delights in his way. – Psalm 37:23 (NKJV).

I have dreams in my heart.   Dreams that have been there for years and grow stronger with every passing year.   Dreams I know that I know are from God.

So when my mother died,  who I took care of most of my adult life,  I started rebuilding my life.  It took me down a total different path.   I became a pharmacy technician.   A far cry from what I wanted to do, where I felt I was supposed to be headed.

I felt discouraged. I questioned God, as many of us do, in this situation.   He impressed on me to enjoy the detour.

I still have those dreams,  but now I see them more clearly.   I am still in the detour, but I have met so many wonderful people, learned about who I  am and developed new skills that I don’t think I would have discovered if I had not taken the detour.

God orders our steps.   He has a reason for taking us the long way.   He has a reason for every detour,  every U-turn.  His ways are not our ways (Isaiah 55:8-9).   We only have a limited view.   He can see the whole picture.

He will bring the dreams in our hearts to pass if we don’t give up.   He is also working in us. giving us the right connections, honing  our abilities and making us into the people capable of taking on those dreams (with His help, of course).

We just need to sit back, know God is in control and enjoy the detour.

#dreams #delayeddreams #Godisincontrol #Godknowstheway

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