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What Will You Say?

Ever have a battle going on in your head?

You write down your dreams. You break down your goals into actionable steps. You are excited. You can’t wait to accomplish them. You see yourself achieving your goals, your dreams from God.

Then a minute, hour, day or week later, you look at the same dreams and cringe. What made you think you could ever achieve those goals?

Those dreams God placed in your heart were never meant for you to accomplish. Not on your own. Dreams from God have some unique qualities. They are too big to accomplish without the help of others and God. They are never selfish. They seem impossible to accomplish and are in our own strength.

The cemetery is filled with unfinished movies, books, songs, paintings. People gave up when things looked impossible, when doubt set it. They buried their talent just like in the parable Jesus told in Luke 19:12-27.

You remember the story, right? A man was going on a journey. He would be away for awhile, so he called three of his servants together. He gave one ten talents, another five and to the last servant, he gave one. They would give him an account when he returned of what they did with those talents. Both the servant with the ten talents and the five doubled their talents, so the man gave them cities to manage. However the servant who received one talent held onto it. This made the man angry. He took the servant’s talent away and gave it to the servant who had ten.

We too will give an account of what we did with the gifts, talents, dreams and abilities God gave us. What are you going to say when you give account? Why didn’t you move toward your dreams? Kids? Job? Taking care your parents? Yet people find time to binge watch series after series on Netflix. Find all those hidden moments to work toward your dreams. Step by step you will achieve them, and you can give a great account of how you used your gifts, talents and abilities to bless others.

If you have a dream from God, invite God to help you to accomplish it, to lead you and guide you in the way you should go. God will take you and your dreams to places and before people you never thought possible.

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