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What Are You Dwelling On?

Every day while washing dishes (Yes! Some people still do this), driving, doing work, memories play in our heads.

We are transported back to that time in our minds. We see the events as they happened. We feel the same emotions. Smell the same smells.

This happens with good memories and bad.

We can listen to a song played at our senior prom. It will evoke feelings of excitement and maybe nervousness of what to expect.

From mine, I remember the hotel, the contests, the songs, what my date said, sitting outside with my friends and their dates, the two older women sitting in the hot tub nearby.

From here, my mind might drift to why my date and I later broke up. The phone call to tell me his feelings changed. The trying to be friends. The truth about his real character and what lines he could cross to get what he wanted.

I can choose which memory on which I dwell. The happy memories or the bad ones.

We all have the power to choose what we play on the screen of our minds.

We choose what we will dwell on, what we allow into our lives.

We have to be diligent about what we watch, about what we hear. What we focus on is going to happen in our lives.

Do we want more of the same? Or do we want better?

To get better in life requires us to be diligent about that which we give attention.

We have to be selective about what we listen to, about what we see, about who we hang around, about who we allow in our lives.

To get positive results, we cannot allow negativity to enter our sphere. There will be negativity in our lives no matter what, but we choose react to it.

Are we going to listen to that station? We can shut it off. That conversation? We can walk away.

What negativity are you allowing in your life?

You can keep it and get the same results. You can change and see your life follow suit.

The choice is yours.


#memories #avoidnegativity #changeyourlife


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