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Do You Accept God’s Love?

God loves you. It isn’t up for debate. You can’t opt out. It doesn’t run out. It doesn’t expire. It just is.

His love is the real meaning of Christmas.

We get all caught up in the tree decorating, the gift giving, the Secret Santa, the holiday parties and pumpkin spice lattes.

Why are we, as Believers, really celebrating?

We are celebrating the birth of our Lord.

I want you to think about this from God’s point of view.

He created these human beings–these beings with two arms, two legs and big mouths.

He loved them, so He gave them free will. To sin or not to sin would soon be the question.

They sinned (Genesis 3). With the sin came the curse. Death. Sickness. Disease. Divorce.

He wanted to give them grace.

In their arrogance, His creations told Him, “We can do whatever you tell us to do (Exodus 19:8).”

To show them their need for a Savior (Galatians 3:24), He gave the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20).

He never gave the Ten Commandments for them to follow. He knew they couldn’t. He needed them to see that.

He had a plan that would save them all.

In order to save humankind, two things had to happen. One, a human had to follow the Commandments perfectly. Two, because the penalty for sin was death (Romans 6:23), this sinless human had to die for the sins of the rest of the humans. Blood had to be shed (Hebrews 9:22).

He decided to conceive a Son with a human woman (Luke 1:31). Not through normal means. Through His Spirit (Luke 1:35).

The Son would be human but be Deity as well. This Son would then fulfill all the Commandments perfectly (Matthew 5:17). Then He would die for all humankind.

Again He gave them a choice. Humans could believe what His Son did by taking the wrath and punishment for all the world’s sin and have eternal life (John 3:16). Or humans could reject what He did.

This is how much God loves you.

You can reject His love. You can accept it. The choice is yours.


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