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What Are You Expecting?

Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us – Romans 5:5

On weekday mornings, I listen to Darren Hardy’s five -to-ten-minute inspirational thought of the day.

Yesterday and this morning, he spoke about expectation.

What will expect is what we get.

How interesting!

Most of us expect the worst to happen. We don’t want to be disappointed. We don’t want our hopes dashed. We experienced it in the past and don’t want to again.

I get that.

However what is the Bible version of hope? Having a confident expectation of good.

What are you confidently expecting? Is it good? Is it bad?

Your expectation is like a thermostat. You set it to a certain level. The results will not exceed higher or descend lower than what you set it to.

When you are expecting something, what do you do? How do you act?

You rearrange your schedule, so that you can receive your package or your guest. You keep looking to see if it or your guest has arrived. If you cannot be there to receive your package, you might track it online.

However, your attention is on that arrival. You are looking for it, preparing for it.

We need to do this with whatever we are expecting. Put our attention on it. Look for it. Prepare for it.

The same thing we would do if we were expecting a bundle of joy, a child.

We will receive what we expect, so let’s approach the next day, week, month and year with a confident expectation of good happening in our lives.

What do we have to lose? More of the same old, same old?

Start expecting good today. Watch the difference it will make.


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