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Are You On The Winning Team?

Ever felt stuck in the slow lane in life?

For most of mine, I have been in the slow lane, waiting for my life to start. I am the one who never married, never had kids, who doesn’t drive even though she knows how.

I knew God destined me for more, that God wanted me to do something more with my life. I always felt like I was waiting on my life to change though.

Too many times we do this – – the waiting on God thing. We sit by doing nothing, playing video games and watching Netflix. We are waiting on God, we say, but we have not put anything out there for God to work with.

Yes, I can hear someone saying, but, Sarah and Abraham helped God out when Abraham slept with Hagar and produced Ishmael (Genesis 16). To learn from their mistake, we just have to wait on God.

God promised Abraham a son. Sarah reasoned that she must not be the mother of the promised child. She put her interpretation on what God meant.

Most of the time we do this when we run ahead of God’s timing. We know the dream God has for us (Jeremiah 29:11), but we decide how God is going to accomplish that goal.

We exhaust all our plans before finally seeking God’s plan for how the dream will unfold.

Even when we know God’s plan and how He wants to accomplish it, we still have to do something.

Again God promised a son to Abraham. This time He specifically said that Sarah would conceive that son (Genesis 17:19).

Even though God gave Sarah that promise, it still required action to come to pass. The situation demanded she sleep with her husband to produce the promised child Isaac.

In order to free the Israelites from slavery, the situation dictated that Moses speak to Pharaoh (Exodus 5, 7-11).

The woman with the issue of blood (Mark 5:25–34), Jairus (Mark 5:21-43), the lepers (Luke 17:11-19)– they all did something. Even if they just came to Jesus and said, “I have a problem. Can You fix it?”

It comes to the point where we say to ourselves, “Why do we sit here? (II Kings 7:3)”

We need to go to God. Ask Him what to do and do it (James 1:5, 22) The simple act of asking Him, then acting on how He is leading steers us in right direction.We can sit around and wait on God.

We can be like the hamster on a wheel, doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same results.

Or we can go ask God His plan and what action He wants us to take. His plans are always blessed. Ours are just plain rubbish.

Switch to the winning team today.


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