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In my distress I prayed to the Lord, and the Lord answered me and set
me free. – Psalm 118:5 (NLT)

Ever been there?  Ever been in distress?  Your child is sick?  Your
car broke down?  You discovered your spouse cheated on you?  You
have been diagnosed with a disease?

We have all been in our own world of distress.

When we are in this place, it is time not just to pray but to cry out
to God our Father.

He is listening for our cry, our heartfelt prayer of help.

Then He will answer us.

It is time to stop praying weak prayers.  It is time to stop making
prayer the last resort.

We need to pray bold, pray big and expect God to come through for
us.  We need to choose to believe God and trust Him no matter
what comes our way.

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#faith, #hope, #grace, #strength, #trust, #prayer


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