Annagail Lynes Designs

Eternal Or Everyday?

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. – Matthew 6:21

What has got your focus? What do you put the most energy into?

This is where your treasure is, where you are wrapping up your energy, your time and, most likely, your money.

Like the race car driver who is about to crash, we need to not look at where we are crashing but to where we want to go.

Wherever we place our attention is where are lives will go.

We need to put our focus on things that will produce eternal results, which will further the Kingdom of God.

These are the treasures that won’t be taken away from us in hurricanes, money collapses or in lawsuits.

What has commanded your attention? Work? How will your work further the Kingdom of God? How many will be saved, healed or delivered?

Work is a good thing, but if we let it consume our lives, we will miss out on the things that are important like our children, like sharing our gifts and talents with the world in order to tell more people about Christ.

Think about this today. What is taking up your time and energy? Are you focusing too much on things that won’t mean anything in ten years? Or are you focusing on those things which will have an eternal impact?

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