What Are You Caught Up In?

Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes. – Song of Solomon 2:15 (KJV).
Are we too caught up in the small things that we miss the important things?  Are we too caught up in our way of thinking as the right and only way that we don’t see other people’s perspective?
I find that it is the little things that trip me up, throw me off, not the big things.
I am planning a move.  I want to move out of the state I grew up in.  I want to take on new adventures, start over and create a new life.
Only I have been caught up in the politics of it all.  I have been caught up in the he said, she said and phone tag that I have lost sight of why I want to do this, why I need to do this.
People have been telling me that it is the wrong decision, that I shouldn’t leave the comfort of my family and friends to head off to the unknown.
My family, my friends, here for the most part are toxic.  They are discouraging rather than encouraging.  They think that their way is the only, right way, but I can’t get caught up in all their drama.
Too many times we will be sitting in Sunday school or church and want to debate someone on the Bible, on their doctrine.  Only isn’t the bigger picture to win souls.  If we are doing that, and we are doing that according to the Bible, why does the rest matter so much?
Instead of getting caught up in the little things, let’s focus on the bigger picture–on our marriage, our kids, our lives and winning souls.
Ask yourself: is this thing I am worried about going to matter ten years from now?  Twenty?  Fifty?
When we put in the big picture perspective, most things we worry about don’t matter as much.
Focus on the big picture, on the things and people that matter.  Let everything else fall by the wayside.

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